About Evan

Second to exploring nature, my favorite thing to do is share it with others. In particular, I love using macro-photography to reveal the incredible wonders below our noses: the over-looked world of insects and plants. I am a naturalist and conservation photographer and videographer working for the National Audubon Society as the communications and marketing coordinator for Audubon Rockies.

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2 thoughts on “About Evan

  1. I enjoyed your Sandhill Crane article and the included video. I’m from Michigan where a Sandhill Crane hunt is being considered by our state legislature. Not long ago, Sandhill Cranes were on the verge of extirpation in Michigan. May I have permission to share your article and video on Facebook, so that others can appreciate the uniqueness and joy of this special bird? Let me know. Thank you, Tom Derrickson


    1. Hi Tom, yes you are more than welcome to.


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