New Video! San Isidro Agroecological Farm

Four years ago I was living in Ecuador and working on my thesis on agroforestry. In addition to interviewing dozens of farmers I also filmed and edited two videos about cloud forest conservation and sustainable alternative livelihoods. Finally, I’ve released a third video, long overdue, about a community-supported organic farm.

After completing the fieldwork for my thesis early, I spent the extra time working on a couple conservation videos. I produced one for a local nonprofit called Cambugán Foundation, and collected footage for a second video for them that I never got around to finishing. Last December I got an email from Cambugán asking if I could finish the video. I agreed, and I’m glad I did. While a small community-supported farm like Cambugán’s is nothing new in the U.S., it’s pretty groundbreaking in Ecuador. Cambugán Foundation is doing a lot of much-needed work in rural Ecuador and I admire their direct and practical approach. It’s often the small, grassroots conservation organizations that inspire me the most. As a filmmaker, I view it as my role to help give these small but important organizations a voice. I hope you enjoy their story.

Thanks to Andy Johnson for helping me film this video! I don’t think we’ll ever forget how sick he got while we were shooting it.

1 thought on “New Video! San Isidro Agroecological Farm

  1. Enjoyed your video and had a look at the Foundation website. It’s wonderful that these people see the value of what they have and are doing something to protect it. So much has been lost because we didn’t realize the value of what was there.


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