Snow Geese speckled Nebraska’s skies in February, awakening the prairie from its winter slumber with noisy honks. Not long after they arrived, Red-winged Blackbirds began singing, the sun started shining, and the Killdeer started calling, all of which made me very happy. And of course, the cranes arrived en masse, eventually drowning out the geese as they inconspicuously slipped away, no longer the center of attention. I’m embarrassed to admit that  because the geese were high in the sky or far from roads in private cornfields, I didn’t manage a single decent photo of them while they were here.

It seems that they left me reminders of this in their departure. Last week I noticed a surprising amount of fluffy, white goose feathers scattered throughout the prairies stuck to dry vegetation. I don’t know how long it will be before they disappear too, so I made sure to take a few minutes last Wednesday to at least photograph the dust of the migration that my camera missed. Crane migration will not go the same way…


After writing this post, I’ve started to think that these  are actually crane feathers, but I liked the title “Goosedust” too much to rewrite it.

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