Trampled by a Tortoise

Last weekend something very special happened to me: I was stepped on by a Gopher Tortoise. I was hiking in a park in Estero, FL, when I came across a Gopher Tortoise eating grass on the trail. I knelt down to watch from a distance, but to my surprise she began to approach me. She showed no sign of concern, or even courtesy for that matter. In fact, she stepped on my hand without even breaking from her meal! I laid on my belly for about 10 minutes, enjoying a better view of a tortoise feeding than I ever thought I would get. I even witnessed a tortoise sneeze! Eventually, she left the park, crossed a road, and continued her feast on someone’s lawn. The grass is always greener…

With GREAT sorrow, I regret to inform you that I did not have my camera gear with me. It seems like this ALWAYS happens whenever I try to enjoy a simple hike without a tripod and 30 pound backpack, but I still haven’t learned. Consequently, I had to use my phone, and the video and audio is of terrible quality. However, it is still worth a watch. I intend to return with full camera gear for a better one soon!

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